Not So Winter-Break DnD.

If someone makes a summary of this and the last session they will recieve two secret questions about the sequel campaign that I will be forced to answer

fun at school

Helorie said we had to go to college to learn about the royal vaults. We did. Jack and Al disapeared into the abyss of time. Sebbie, Maelys and Ehimay continued. Ehimay shot a guy for giving him detention. Dragons tried to kill him. They didn’t.
We caught a Bandersnatch! But we killed its mom. Maelys is like the Tsar. Is this a good or bad thing? The dragons are going to attack the royal vaults to kill Helorie. Watch out guys, he’s evil. We sided with him. We learned the secret story.
Once the Tsar got his limbs chopped off. Helorie wanted to kill him but didn’t. Instead he made him fake arms. Then the Tsar pretended like it never happened.



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