Not So Winter-Break DnD.


After spending at least 29 hours creating characters, we eventually sat down to play. You have been forced by the king of Atil to visit the lands across the sea, and see what you could see. He also gave you some money for… yes, that’s right, shopping. Hurray?
You decided to visit the marketplace. Gertrude and Sebastian started flirting. Suddenly, Malise was stabbed by an old dwarven women. We killed her, her friends, and even her goat, Goatsy. Continuing on, the town guard didn’t care. You boarded the ship at nightfall, after having bought nothing. Congratulations, you win at shopping.
Getting on the boat, not much happened for three days. Gertrude and Sebastian became archrivals in romance and character derailment, and eventually we encountered some pirates. Gertrude killed them all. I sobbed.
The pirates killed the captain, but it was okay, because I was railroading you guys on this stupid adventure anyways. Eventually you encountered these super high tech magick people, including Vladimir, Captain of the SS Boat. Melkar said he was ok to trust.
You arrived at the city, which was magic. Turns out the Czar is a tiefling. Oh snap. His girlfriend is Fluttershy. Together they’re angry at the gods, but the gods are angry at them, too. It sort of balances out. Turns out Melkar and Setelli didn’t kill Twilight Sparkle. Now you have to go on a quest to discover a magick staff and kill some things. I am writing them as I speak. In this adventure, everyone will have at least ten million hit points and never roll 2s. EVER
Soon, one of you three will add a character journal, which will make this look awkward. However, that’s the point of character journals. So I can skip all the long bits where Beatrice met some other oracle and became BFFJILLS with her, and they talked about their mysteries and exchanged fashion tips and didn’t even noticed as the Slenderman devoured a whole live child. That’s for Beatrice to do.



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