Not So Winter-Break DnD.

The Long Session (Directed by M. Night Shyamalan)

Ok, we decided Ehimay was on his “engagementmoon” (like honeymoon for engagement) with Oppo, and that was why he was not in attendance
He has been on it for a while now, there was a bit of time this session covered
We prepared for the invasion, and the Tsar had some encouraging words for us. Then it was the day of the invasion. We had to fight angels, but the lobster-man killed their mounts and teleported us away to his planet
There the group found caves, and decided to enter the mysterious cave. They woke up at some form of university, in “Professor Alkavov” (Helorie’s) class. It was an alternate universe and they had to try and escape it. The alternate universe was similar to our world.
The point of the alternate universe simulation was to find Sebastian. In this world he was the son of the president of the US (his real dad, Alexil) and was kidnapped by the secret service. The gang did not realize what what the point was and muddled around for a while. Monroe and VW were not BFFs in this world, and EHimay was a 20 year old man who tried to assasinate Sebastian a year or two ago.
Eventually they died in a library fire, and the simulation restarted. They eventually realized the point and found Sebbie. They returned to their own universe.
Through shenanigans, they discovered that Aaia made a race of different creatures once before, but they refused to worship her. She destroyed them and their planet, which she had called Aaia before. Then she went to the current Aaia and tried to make life there. This was before any other gods were born. The abominations are these creatures recreated by Palistar.
Also, the entire college thing was both hilarious and pointless, mostly because everyone thought Maelys was insane.
Anyway, they got back to their planet and realized it was a week later. Monroe arrived on MJR and told us the tragic news. Von Wolff had been killed in the invasion, sacrificing his life to help Monroe escape the capitol. Sebastian began to cry because VW had proposed ot him but sebbie had rejected him, telling he he would htink about it after the war.
They got back to the capitol. More tragic news. The Tsar is dead, and cannot be ressurected ever. He is really dead. I got out my fake roleplaying tears for this part. Helorie is devestated and Chrysal can’t be found. Also, Alleuia and Orred have switched which person is the deity and which one is the avatar, so Alleuia is now a god and Orred is her avatar.
The Tsar left the party leters. We read them.
A few days later Helorie summoned everyone to the palace. He has a new plot. They were going to take over Shimen and have it be part of Uldok. But since the Tsar is dead Helorie and CHrysal have enough of a trouble running the country. So the group will have to counquer the country themselves. And rule it. Helorie will help.
We were given a fortress similar to the Tardis but larger inside. Also no time travel. Not really like the Tardis at all. Maelys is ruler of the hypothetical country. Sebbie spymaster. Mike Marshal. Laurent high priest. Ehimay was given the role of Royal Assasin, because we a. thought he would like it and b. is a child and too young to do anything else really
Atl, Elian, Ulmer, Zakele, and Monroe are coming along on this adventure as various roles. We invaded the country and looked around. We conquered a bit of it and then took the capitol. Sebastian grew horns. And now we have the capitol but it’s not really the capitol. It is a small country but still growing.



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