Not So Winter-Break DnD.


I will now summarize the last few sessions very quickly.
First we had a bad party. Then we investigated clerics who may have burned down a themple with the help of their friends. Elian, the good priest twin who burned down the temple. Illiam, the evil priest twin who is the mastermind of the plan. Ulmer, the bodyguard who’s being controlled by Illiam. Jason (Aber), Monroe’s old owner and also burned down a temple. We couldnt’ do anything. We went to see the Tsar. He sent Alleuia with us. We met her and she helped us, but then we had to leave. We fought a dragon and Helorie killed it.
Session 2. The Tsar sent us to do a prison break. We broke Gala out of prison. But Mike’s mother died. OH NO!!! Also Alleuia killed Allisa (aka Scootaloo).
Session 3: We visited the Tsar’s Sekret Underwater Fortress. It was okay. Ehimay stole a ring and Helorie and Alleuia got into a slap fight. We got magic orbs.
Session 4: Ehimay died from being stabbed in the face. Sebastian cried. Now Ehimay is in hell. We had to go to a village. They were all cultists. The man was secretly a woman. We returned home, clearly thinking this adventure was too stupid.
Next, Allisa’s funeral. Orred showed up to say hi. Marie is going to music school.
Session 5: Yesterday!!!!!! We went to rob a palace. We gave it to the Tsar. We learned Aaia’s plan!!!!!!!! We think Ehimay is in hell, but being treated nicely there. Ostriches attacked. Then we found a magic gem. Now the Tsar is holding a meeting. Helorie became hideous, the Tsar got a pet stork, Sebastian’s a pretty lady and something happened to Maelys. Gertrude did terrible things. THE END!



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