Not So Winter-Break DnD.

Will someone else please summarize these sessions for once

You were sent to find out who ordered the attack. You met a clucking man. You met Atl. Everyone was awake for this part. Ehimay blew up. Sebbie was upset. We finally got there. A lady flirted with Mike. Gertrude was wanted for murder. Gertrude decided to run.
The inn was burned down. We met clucking man again. We found the head of the order. Chancellor Centehua ordered the attack. It’s all Aaia’s fault. Valista yelled at us. We are wanted for theft. We met clucking man again.
Helorie is best character. We were teleported to him. The Tsar ordered a council meeting. Maelys and Sebbie were there. Everyone talked about their feelings. Sebastian cried. A pony was eaten. We have some allies. Maelys decided how to write a thankyou note. Helorie helped her send it. The end.



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