The Avatar of Orred


Alleuia is a tall, bald, dark-skinned woman with a golden, sunlike tattoo on her forehead, and a larger one on her chest. She generally wears white, flowing dresses or robes. She is a Paladin/Oracle of unknown power.
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Alleuia is both rather adept at controlling and creating fire and personal combat, especially killing the undead. She carries a legendary sword with her that was created by a previous incarnation of Orred. This sword is supposedly so powerful that Helorie can’t even stand to be in the same palace as it, as it sucks away the negative energy that empowers him. She has a bit of a limp, and hates it when people mention it.


Alleuia met Maelys at a party, and they are best friends for life. She is from the realm of Zharn, yet another continent, but came here years ago. She serves Tsar Dmitri as one of his few divine spellcasters, as she is a loyal servant of Orred. She is also Orred’s avatar, although she apparently doesn’t know that.
Alleuia is kind to lawful people and the living, but hates the undead and lawbreakers. She is best friends with Maelys, distrusts but is friendly with Sebastian, is probably good friends or would like to be good friends with Mike, and also possibly Wifey, and probably dislikes Gertrude. I don’t know how she and Ehimay interact. She finds Monroe cold but agreeable, and would be interested in pursuing a friendship with the spellcaster if he wasn’t so shy. She rather dislikes von Wolff due to his chaotic neutral alignment and crude manners. Most importantly, however, she hates Helorie. She feels that Orred has sent her to Uldok to kill him and foil his plans, and as a chaotic evil lich he represents everything she hates.
While Orred asked Maelys to remain being Alleuia’s friend, hoping she would overcome her vitatism and learn to accept the undead (or at least not want to kill them on sight), her anger apparently grew during the two year time skip, leading to Alleuia wishing to poison Helorie, even using methods such as actually using poison (despite being a paladin) and going through Helorie’s apparent daughter, Arianna.


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