Baron Osvald von Vier

Ehimay's Forced Fiancee and Baron of Hell


Osvald is a non-tiefling cambion, as he is 3/4 devil, 1/8 elf, 1/8 human (his grandpa was a half-elf). His grandmother is General Kardinia, his grandfather is previously mentioned half-elf, a noted Antipaladin and Knight of Hell. Their child is Osvald’s mother, Viscountess Esmerelda von Vier. His father is dead, and was one of Esmerelda’s bodyguards. Osvald is excellent at free-hand combat, and uses a rapier.
He’s a handsome devil, with black hair, red(?) eyes, long black horns and hooves. He has a tail, which is embarrassingly tiny and a set of wings he can sprout at will. He wears fancy clothes, always in touch with the ever-changing infernal style.


Osvald grew up away from his parents, being taken care of by an uncle in Alexil’s court. They lived in one of the buildings on the palace grounds where Alexil kept some of his favourite members of the court. Being raised in this court, Osvald learned the importance of eddiquite, fashion, the popular topics of the court and how to make things up when you have no idea what the other person is talking about. He also learned how to fence, a popular pastime of the court. Despite his charm he had few friends, and when Ehimay was sent to hell he developed a crush on the boy. Spurred by unknown forces, he attempted to woo the boy despite Ehimay’s relationship with Oppo and put a cursed wedding ring, a family heirloom on Ehimay’s finger. However, he truly loves Ehimay and helped him escape from hell.

Baron Osvald von Vier

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