Tsaritsa Chrysal (Latreille) Alkavov

Tsaritsa of Uldok and Witch of Fauna


Chrysal looks like the weakest and most fragile of all the witches. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Her gentle, lovely looks and shy behavior hide a druid who is almost unstoppable in combat. Like any high-level druid, she can take many animal forms, and usually does when faced with battle rather than relying on her spells. She has light pink, droopy hair, blue eyes, and large yellow wings. Animals love Chrysal, and are constantly trying to be around her.


She is very sweet and shy, just like real fluttershy, only perhaps a bit less shy, as she has been thrust into the spotlight. She has many animals that follow her around, as they are deeply attached to her, including that pony you guys killed. That was her favorite pony. She was saving it for her children.
She was married to the Tsar a little more than two years ago, but now she wants a divorce. She is pregnant again but her daughter Esfir has been born. Her and the Tsar have not been doing so well since the parade. Because of her new position as Tsaritsa, she has to wear more formal outfits, but they still show off the gentle beauty she is known for.
Despite the fact that she and the Tsar are so disimilar, they make a good match. Perhaps it’s the idea that “opposites attract.” She is techincally the co-ruler of Uldok, although her husband outranks her, but she is too busy managing her own country to bother with that!

Tsaritsa Chrysal (Latreille) Alkavov

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