Dr. Georg von Wolff

Somewhat Mad Alchemist and Boyfriend


Since I have no picture for von Wolff, I will describe him for you. He’s a 6’5", very athletic man, kind of leanly muscular, with medium-length, slightly feathered black hair, light grey eyes, and slightly larger than normal hands and feet. He looks vaguely German, although of course there is no Germany, but you know what I mean. He’s a talented alchemist, but has no second class. He shaves occasionally, but isn’t very regular about it.


When you look into this man’s eyes, you can instantly tell, almost psychically, that he’s not a real doctor. This is a common phenomenon.
However, he is a skilled alchemist, if a bit insane. The Tsar employs him to do research on new alchemical compounds and liquids, and he leads and does almost all the work for that section. His main research is on biologically enhancing drugs, which he is trying to perfect. He was there during the rebellion, and although the Tsar feels that due to von Wolff’s unstable nature, he can never truly trust him fully, he trusts von Wolff more than he does others in his employ. He recently went through opium withdrawal, thanks to the plotting of Monroe and Sebastian.
von Wolff and Monroe are the palest of pals! <> He started to date Sebastian, but after Sebbie’s untimely death he got back together with his old childhood sweetheart, Rebekkah. Little does he know that Rebekkah plots to kill him, and possibly Monroe as well. He was possibly Ehimay’s adoptive dad.
Personalitywise, he is very protective of the people close to him, and has a bit of a temper when people threaten them. He is also not the best at manners, except when he feels like he needs to make an effort. He’s extremely strong, enough to lift a full-grown man up and throw him, and equally intelligent. However, he is a mad scientist, and not that great at talking to people. He’s also flexible, but not as tough as he looks.

Dr. Georg von Wolff

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