Ehimay (Nesline?)

He's back!


Ehimay was a young man proficent in the use of weapons and pure magic. He often used his pistols in fights, rarely actually using his magical abilties.


Ehimay was a hot-headed, curious young man who was often looking for the people who had killed his father. He was very independent, a trait which caused him to get into a lot of trouble. Ehimay had a special love of Oppo in his heart, and often dreamed that the two would be married. Tragically Ehimay’s dreams were ended by the bandits who killed his father, and he is now in hell. We have seen that we may encounter Ehimay in the future, in a fancy room with a young devil man and a man who looks suspiciously like Sebastian. In this vision he may be an amnesiac of some sort.
Ehimay never knew his real parents, and was adopted by loving innkeepers. His father was killed, and his mother remarried (?). Ehimay soon went to go off on his own adventures, and met Sebastian who he claimed as his second adoptive father, choosing Sebastian’s boyfriend von Wolff as his third adoptive father. All in all, Ehimay had somewhere around five fathers (one biological, three adopted, one step) and two/three mothers (one biological, one adoptive mother, and sometimes Maelys operated as his second adoptive mother).

Ehimay (Nesline?)

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