Gertrude Blunderdoof

Former PC!


Level 14 Alchemist
Level 14 Wizard
HP: 123
Reflex Save: 18
Fortitude Save: 15
Will Save: 11
Perception: 11
AC: 21
Touch AC: 17
Flat-footed AC: 14

Gertrude Blunderdoof is 38 inch tall female gnome. She is seventy years old and weighs roughly forty pounds. Her eyes are hazel and her hair color is a muddy brown color (which is odd for a gnome). She has dark and defined eyelashes, a slight mustache, and a beauty mark to the left of her rosy lips. She can often be found wearing in a tunic, leggings, and a pointed hat.


Gertrude Blunderdoof hails from the gnome village Fungea. Fungea is a rather small village of gnomes with a sophisticated society based on agriculture and a strong sense of community. Gertrude’s family was always a bit poor and consisted of Carl Blunderdoof (father), Ermentrude Blunderdoof (mother), Jake (older brother), Amaral (younger sister), and Rachel (younger sister). Jake and Rachel are both dead by the time of the campaign.
p. Trudy has a rather interesting personality. She acts very irresponsible and is constantly looking for affection from other characters, in the only way she knows how. This is in part due to her slightly troubled past. She lost her older brother, one of her younger sisters, and a good friend at different times as a young child. A certain event in her childhood has caused her lifelong hatred of lynxes. This also inspired her to study and train to become a wizard and an alchemist.

Gertrude Blunderdoof

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