Vizier Helorie Alkavov

Golem Master of Uldok and Adoptive Sibling of the Tsar


Helorie is a 20+ level lich wizard/archivist. Archivist is a class I’m constantly trying to convert to pathfinder: They prepare divine spells like a wizard. He generally rides inside of a golem suit, and almost always wears black robes and a wizard hat. He doesn’t wear gloves most of the time, but never shakes hands with others and attempts to avoid touching them, as the touch of a lich can cause paralysis. He carries a staff and wears a monocle of true seeing most of the time as well. He looks fat, but is in fact hollow on the inside, his organs long ago turned to mush, insides reinforced by adamantine walls to prevent him from collapsing in on himself. If the Tsar didn’t demand that he keep himself normal looking he’d probably be a skeleton by now, but he does listen to his adoptive brother’s orders. As such, he generally applies a regimen of preservation and illusion spells each morning. However, it hasn’t stopped his skin from turning a greenish, somewhat rotten shade. Being undead, he doesn’t sleep, but usually meditates and studies at night to retrieve his spells. He’s known for being an excellent craftsman of golems, and created much of the Tsar’s original army in the first rebellion. Now that the second rebellion has begun, it seems like the same will happen.


Maelys met Helorie at a fancy party, where he annoyed Alleiua, who he hates, and met you. You didn’t make that great of an impression on him, especially since a rather drunk Sebastian randomly appeared halfway through the conversation with his “new best friend” (von Wolff). As a lich, he can no longer feel most emotions or sensations. He has given up most of what life is, which is truly what undeath is. Immortality is truly gift with a steep cost. The main emotions he has shown so far are annoyance, apathy and hate, although he has shown some sadness and semi-happiness. In addition, 99% of the times he’s introduced someone he’s told you how much he hates them. He is apparently evil, but is able to control his urges.
Maelys and Helorie have since partially befriend each other, although he still dislikes many of the other party members, especially Ehimay. However, he tries to be less nasty to the boy.
Helorie is the adoptive brother of the Tsar, and one of his most trusted generals in the Tsar’s rebellion. He is now the Tsar’s most trusted advisor, and the Golem Master of the nation. You are unsure of what this entails. The country sure does have a lot of golems. He also made the Tsar’s prosthetic limbs.
Helorie apparently has a daughter, Arianna.

Helorie is inspired by a character of the same name from Anthony’s game. That Helorie died in Anthony’s game, killed by magic spiders. Von Wolff died right after him. This has no influence on this universe’s version. When I say inspired, I mean I made up a character kind of like the original, couldn’t think of a name for him, and then was like “whoops guess I’ll give him the name of that guy”

Vizier Helorie Alkavov

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