Iris Nae

Witch of the Weather


It’s said that Iris is the only one of the six witches who has not completely focused on her witchcraft, as after her friends began to die she felt that martial ability was more important then magic. She is the grandmaster of the legendary North Wind discipline, as the old grandmaster, the famous and wise silver dragon Aliae Windflare was killed after teaching her his techniques.
She’s strong and fast, always using her speed to her advantage in battle. It’s said that she’s one of the fastest winged humans alive. Generally she uses a spear in battle so that she can stay as far away from the people she’s fighting as you can while still attacking them in melee.
She has short hair, almost buzzcut, though it used to be longer, tan skin, and pinkish red eyes. She also has wings, as she is a Winged Human. She usually wears her military uniform, and when she is in the Czar’s palace, a Crane Ribbon.


You met Iris at the beautiful party. And by you, I mean Beatrice, the only one who reads this lousy wiki. She is brash, competative, and extremely loyal. She used to be much lazier than she is now, but has tried to overcome it. She can also be a bit of a jerk, but having your friends die will do that to you.
At the wedding she was a bridesmaid. She wore a military uniform because Rainbow Dash.

Iris Nae

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