Kerstil the Shifting

The Former Exarch and Son of Settelli


He can take the form of any dragon, and possibly any humanoid form as well. However, he appeared to the meeting as a darkly tanned, extremely handsome young man. Oddly enough, he had a full set of pointed teeth.
He’s also extremely powerful. As mentioned before, he can become any dragon from the smallest white hatchling to a mighty red Great Wyrm like his father was. He prefers no type of dragon, choosing one based on his current situation. He can also cast spells like a 19th level sorcerer.


Kerstil was the child of Setelli and Great Wyrm Red Dragon named Nessetl-sshar. Nessetl-sshar ruled over great expanses of the Dragonlands, using his powers of shapeshifting to trick people out of their lands, manipulating and controlling them. He amassed great treasure through his lifetime, but was too busy to take a mate. He was also a great worshipper of Setelli, and towards the end of his life he decided to sacrifice most of his wealth to her, taking it in person to her domain. Because of this she awarded him with a son, Kerstil. His father doted on him, teaching him the art of manipulation, bluffing, and how to lie in ways that would seem like the truth. When he finally died, Kerstil went to live with his mother, who made him her Exarch. After Kerstil’s death (in currently unknown circumstances), Ustakin became Setelli’s new exarch.

While he seemed extremely laid back and charming, Helorie told you before you met him not to underestimate him, and that his carefree attitude was a facade for a cunning, calculating mind. If he was pretending it would be quite possible you wouldn’t know it, as he is the master of bluffing and disguises. He and Cigyn are established friends, and it is currently unknown if he returns her feelings. He and Larstin are also good friends, but the kind of friends who kind of look like they don’t actually like each other.

Kerstil the Shifting

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