Monroe Dely

The Exarch of Scula


Monroe was one of the tsar’s few diviners, and a reasonably powerful one at that. However, recent events are caused him to lose his magic, until he gained it back apparently. He now has a red halo. He is an average looking young man, but with unnatural blood-red hair, and slightly paler freckles across his body. Although the loss of his magic made him sick, his new powers and status as Exarch have made him look even healthier than he did when you met him, and even when tired he seems full of life and vitality. He also looks slightly more attractive. He wears formal wizard robes most of the time, sleeveless and belted with a long shirt and pants underneath, and a headband (presumably one of intelligence +4 or +6). He will only wear fancy wizard shoes, the kind they only make for wizards.
There was a picture of Monroe here but it was too big! Monroe is supposedly half-fey, which seems likely because of his immunity to enchantments, drugs and alcohol, and unlikely because he doesn’t have wings like most half-fey.


You were introduced to Monroe when the Tsar had him come in to check if you four were the ones he had seen in his dreams. You were, big surprise there. Later that night, at the party, you saw him again. He is best friends with von Wolff, as he was the only one that he trusts. He may trust more people now. Monroe was once a slave in the old days of the empire, before Dmitri came to power. His owner, Jason, was horrible to him, and he barely escaped. He and von Wolff are the palest of pals now, and they apparently live together in the palace.
Monroe is now friends with probably at least half of the party. He is cold at times, and can be arrogant around others he doesn’t like, but sometimes shows specks of strong emotion. In addition to being a talented diviner, he is also a master craftsman of magic items and a very academic wizard. He once wrote a very impressible report on Scula, even when he was sickly and weak. He has told you at least once that he is researching the interaction between the intent of scrying spells and the volume of focus medium, to which you probably smiled and nodded. Due to an accident, he is now the exarch of Scula. He is also one of the world’s first pure magicians, a category that includes Ehimay, who has cast approximately one spell.
Monroe has very vivid dreams about events that would happen, ones that provide very little insight into the future but would help somewhat. It was this way that he identified you for the Tsar. I probably edited this page to put the new Monroe information in and then nobody read it, lol.

Monroe looks okay after the two year time skip. He strongly dislikes Rebekkah, von Wolff’s fiancee.
Here is the famous rant: On Monroe

Monroe Dely

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