Giant Space Crab


Rakin is an enormous humanoid space crab, larger than any human but not quite as large as most creatures. Size-wise, he’s about as big as a small dragon, like Maelys. This is what he looks like.

Sometimes Rakin manifests odd tattoos in swirling patterns, usually when being healed or taking electric damage or fire damage. When his anger grows, his claws and bite sparkle with electric energy.


Rakin can be very hard and strict, although he is usually also kind. Recently he’s been acting rather terrible to Sebastian. You’ve also discovered he is the exarch of Kalev, usually sent by Kalev to a mortal summoner to serve loyally. He made Sebastian cry. While he apologized for it, there’s a significant chance it was because Kalev made him.
Sebastian loves Rakin despite his faults, and told his real dad (Alexil) that he thought of Rakin as his father. This lead to Alexil almost throwing him off a cliff. Rakin apparently now has a new summoner. Sebastian is upset about this.


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