Scula Eslat

The Goddess of Pure Magic


Scula Eslat, oldest of the six witches, is a powerful wizard/witch. The world previously thought that Melkar and Settelli killed her, but it turns out that they only did this so that she may ascend to godhood, which she has recently gained. Now she is the goddess of pure, or neutral magic, as well as friendship. She wields the staff of Palistar (now probably known as the Staff of Scula), and has a particular marking on her forehead. She is currently in her divine form on a ship with Terrimev, which is perhaps not the best of ideas, and in her avatar form in the same city as you, discussing the war/what’s happened/new actions with Pippin, Chrysal, Iris, and possibly the Czar. While I haven’t really mentioned this in-campaign, it might be helpful to note that they befriended/allied with the Czar after Scula’s death. THE WIKI: THANK YOU FOR READING IT
She has been acting like a bitch lately for unknown reasons. You have decided to intervene to save your friend Monroe, as well as possibly other people who may have been effected by her magic or actions.


When Scula was a child, she lived with her parents in the rural village of Perslington. Her mother and father were the village’s only wizards, often running up against opposition of the local priestess of Aaia, the superstitious Daiela. Scula’s dream was to go to the city and study magic for real, not becoming a hedge wizard like her parents but one with intense cosmic power. She begged her parents to let her attend a wizard school, and at the age of 13 they finally let her apply. Meanwhile, she was going on fabulous adventures, mostly into the local forest, with her five best friends. One night, the six of them went to explore the abandoned ruin outside of town. Entering the ruin, they saw beautiful mosaics depicting the story of the Eight Constellations, a tale that any child of that world knew. Just as they were about to enter the inner chamber, Daiela arrived to whisk the girls away, scolding them for putting themselves in such danger. That morning, she got her letter telling her she’d been accepted to Lady Chyrah’s Academy for Female Wizards. On this planet the wizard colleges were generally segregated, but even still this was one of the best colleges in the country. She had to leave at once, however, to be ready for the term to start, so she left without saying goodbye to her friends, as Daiela insisted.

Scula Eslat

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