Sebastian Nesline

The Infamously Fabulous GMPC


Sebastian is a somewhat racially ambiguous 22 year old man. He possesses a pair of unusual eyes- the sclera is black, while the iris is white. This is different from high elves, who have a matching sclera and iris. His ears are slightly pointed, and he has styled black hair and olive skin. He’s very handsome, and slightly vain. He loves to wear nice, well-made clothes, especially those that accommodate his rather large tail. As you have just discovered, Sebastian is actually a tiefling, though he does not know who his infernal father is.
Sebastian is very dexterous and stealthy, and can also be extremely charming. He’s competent in combat, although he will occasionally shoot his own foot. He also has the fabulous power to summon Rakin to do his bidding as well as cast several boosting spells.


Personality wise, he’s very charming and friendly. However, anyone whose known him for a long period of time knows that he’s a bit of a liar, and can be extremely cagey. He also possesses suspicious amounts of wealth, and is excellent at picking locks, hiding, and acrobatics. He’s almost always accompanied by his Eidolon, Rakin (RAH-KIHN), even when he’s out on the town. The two, oddly enough, have a father-son relationship (Rakin being the father), and Rakin will often give Sebastian horrible advice.
He is a devout worshipper of the moon gods Kalev and Terill, and sometimes you will see him praying on his strand of prayer beads. He has a small portable herb and flower garden that he takes wherever he goes.
Rakin, his Eidolon, is a large crab-like creature. He is very fatherly, though he can be very tough on Sebastian at times. Whenever Rakin dies in combat, Sebastian can be seen sulking alone for days on end, reluctant to summon him again, and when he finally does, Rakin gets upset at him for not summoning him sooner.Here is a picture of Rakin.
In game, Sebastian is far more ‘fabulous’ than he was ever intended to be, sadly. He is currently friends with Monroe, and has been dating von Wolff for the past six and a half months. He also adopted the adorable Ehimay, who is now dead.
Sebastian is far more responsible than he originally was, as no longer being an opium addict, adopting a small child and being in a stable, long-term relationship have done wonders for him.
Sebastian was abandoned by his mother at an early age in the forest, forced to fend for himself in the wood. Soon he was rounded up by the devil hunters, who stuffed him in prison. It was there he met Karm. He would spend every night praying to the gods to send him help. When he was around fourteen or fifteen his prayers were answered, and Rakin was sent to him. Sebastian organized a massive prison breakout and escaped, eventually meeting Maelys.
The two of them adventured for several years until they were summoned by the King of Atil to visit the land across the sea. In Uldok, Sebastian found a place where Tieflings were accepted and finally opened up about his true identity to his friends. They’ve been on several adventures, and he was eventually adopted the adorable Ehimay. With his new son by his side he became more responsible and adult, trying to set a good role model for his son, who he wished would fufill his dreams. This life was cut short by Ehimay’s death at the hand of the robbers who Ehimay had hoped to kill one day. After an extensive period of mourning, Sebastian is trying to perk himself up and triumph over this, but his only consolation is that his son is with Oppo… or is he?

Sebastian Nesline

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