The Enigmatic Stranger

Champion of the Abominations


Unnaturally tall, with dark purple hair and shining grey eyes, this man always stands out. Even if you don’t notice his tiny tentacles, unusually textured skin or sharpened teeth at first, you soon will. His true form is even stranger still, like a winged squid with a large point on its head. The creature has three large eyes and a few smaller ones, like those of an insect on what is both its body and face, and two large wings extend from its back.
In his humanoid form, his voice is always clear, almost unnaturally so. His powers so far are rather impressive, including time travel, teleportation, summoning, object transformation and foresight. He claims that he will soon become a god.


You recently met this man when he was clucking by the side of the road and turned Ehimay’s gun into a lobster. He also appeared to give you an evil magic key and riddle some more. Then he saved you from cats.
He’s very enigmatic and never wants to tell you the full truth of anything. Settelli says his intentions towards the party are mostly benign, but the mostly part is uncertain. He has promiced to take you on a trip in 2 1/2 years. He is the champion of the abominations, who apperently aren’t all that bad. They want to be treated like real people and have real names. Cigyn is his beloved daughter, who loves him very much.
Apparently the Tsar, Chrysal, Helorie and Scula also know him and have had to go through his shenanigans.

The Enigmatic Stranger

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