Tsar Dmitri Alkavov

Tsar of Uldok, Patron of the Party


70th Level Wizard/Psion. Yup. He would kill you. First round: He would cast x5 Enhanced Heightened Intensified Delayed Blast Fireball, dealing 840 points of fire damage. Nobody would survive this. NOBODY.
…Alright, probably only 30th Level Wizard/Psion. If he was 70th Level he could probably take down Scula on a bad day (a bad day for her, not him). Also, he would have a significant chance of beating several minor gods based on the tactics he used.
He is an older man, his hair brownish black with streaks of gray in it. You’re uncertain of his age. Despite his hair, his face and body look younger, suggesting that his graying is the result of the stress of leadership or a failure of anti-aging magic. He’s about forty or so, apparently. He usually dresses in a military uniform or elaborate imperial wizard robes, all outfits with slits in the back for his large black crane wings. He is slightly more physically fit than your average wizard. As you’ve heard from Melkar and Settelli, in addition to being a tiefling he is also 1/4 god. The remaining 1/4 is human. It’s unknown what powers he gets from being 1/4 god.
I almost wrote 1/4 gold.
Skeletaly, his arms and legs are actually advanced prostetics, mechanically made by Helorie and enchanted enough so that they look like real limbs. His spine has also been enhanced, as well as his skull. His limbs were brutally cut off in his youth, an event he is still somewhat traumatized from. He has dark skin, and could probably pass for Zharnian.
His mother is Maliste, queen of the devils. His father is unknown, and so are his grandparents on his father’s side (as a former angel, Maliste has no parents). However, his grandmother’s father is Melkar, and his grandfather’s mother is Setelli. Both of his grandparents and his father were demigods, a whole 1/2 god. If they are still alive, or what powers they possess are unknown.


Dmitri has recently taken over the country, an unknown but recent number of years ago. He is currently the ruler of the country, with no other royalty except for his wife. Other then him there’s Helorie and his internal order. He has proven himself to be very intelligent, and knows everything about pretty much everyone in the party. He is also an extremely powerful wizard, as well as a lover of technology. The giant orb which is viable from all the city is actually the manifestation of his soul. When he met you he was suspicious, but he believed Monroe’s claims that you are the best people to send to talk to Melkar and Setelli. After you returned with Scula, he rewarded you with a house on the outskirts of town and a job offer in his inner circle. You accepted, except for you Mel because you weren’t there.
He will reward those who are loyal and useful to him lavishly, but will behave in reverse to those who disobey, betray him or outlive their usefulness. He is quick to make decisions, and while he had great intelligence and rather potent charisma he lacks wisdom. Yes, in game terms too. He is currently married to Chrysal, after the world’s worst wedding. His attitude towards people seems to be similar to someone playing a game, like chess- everyone else is his pawns to be manipulated. However, Maelys and Chrysal may smack some sense into him.
He and Helorie were part of an adventuring team when they were younger, where they met that Oozodrin. The details of their fabulous adventures are currently unknown.
Recently, there’s been a two year time skip. During this time, the Tsar was humiliated when his prosthetics broke during the parade, which you were supposed to prevent from happening. Since, he’s spent most of his time in the palace or his underwater fortress, rarely going out to see the public. However, one small victory is that he will now admit and talk about his prosthetics apparently. His relationship with Chrysal is going poorly, and he rarely spends any time with their daughter, Esfir. However he is trying to change this from happening. The Tsar may become the witch of magic. Damn that was a secret i rreeeeaaaaaaaaalllly would have prefered to keep.

Tsar Dmitri Alkavov

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