God-Witch War

The world upon the axis of Drama and the Axis of Life is disregarded by most people. Many people do not think that the people who live there are real, only characters on a page, acting out roles. It was a mostly peaceful but dismal place until ten years ago. Six Powerful witches decided to war against the Gods, being the first to do so in years. Each controlled a different aspect: Flora, Fauna, Weather, Beauty, Chaos, and Magic. In the next ten years, Chaos was killed by a powerful angel, Beauty seduced, then slain by a servant of Aaia, and lastly Magic destroyed by a horrible spell. The three remaining witches continue the fight, despite the loss of the other members of their coven. It’s said that Nature is not only a powerful witch, but an archdruidess as well, Flora a monk, and Weather a sorceress. Their real names are mostly unknown, but now you do know them! (Both their names, and them personally)

FLORA: Pippin Levins
FAUNA: Chrysal Latreille
MAGIC: Scula Eslat
BEAUTY: Lady Luxe de Vigo
CHAOS: Gala Bleuler

NOTE: Names contributed by the fabulous Beatrice!

With the new knowledge that Settelli and Melkar are backing the witches in the war (along with Scula, who is both a witch and a goddess), a better name for the war could be devised. However, it’s probably too late to change it.

God-Witch War

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