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Lut legendarily has eight spirits that protect it. In addition to the six spirits that the witches are (Magic, Chaos, Flora, Fauna, Weather, and Beauty), the other spirits are the Sun Spirit and Moon Spirit. These two spirits were once the only spirits that protected this planet from harm, but their powers were not enough. These other six spirits were once mortals of an unknown race who learned to channel their powers. They gave up their lives to imprison an ancient spirit of chaos, and because of this they became spirit guardians. When this happened, the spirit of Chaos was known as the spirit of Joy. This ancient spirit of chaos was not fully imprisoned, and kept returning every thousand years. In an attempt to finally imprison him, the spirit of Joy took on his chaos, making him almost obsolete. However, the planet of Lut began to decay and experience more problems from than on, peace and harmony being replaced with political instability, natural disasters and more invasions from the gods. Some rumors say that these were instigated by the spirit of Chaos herself.Some reincarnations of these spirits do not know that they are the spirits, and some of them lead rather boring lives. They can be reincarnated as any race, species and gender. They usually find each other in their lives, though some exceptions are notable. The Sun and Moon Spirit reincarnate whenever both are dead, and the other six reincarnate when they are all dead. The Moon Spirit reincarnates on a full moon, and the Sun spirit on the dawn afterwards- the six others reincarnate on a cloudless night when all six of their constellations can be seen.

On Lut, we have basically three groups of people: The peasants, the winged humanoids (who also need to eat more food, a’la Maximum Ride), and the Nobility and Wizardry. Those who have watched My Little Pony (especially the holiday episode) will find this extremely familiar. Everyone depends on the peasants to produce food. Everyone depends on the winged humanoids (who I really need to name!!!) for protection, as they are the best at combat, and they depend on the druids (who are mainly winged humanoids) for weather and animal control, etc. They depend on the magicians for magic things, and healing too I guess (although the druids do some). The Nobility is kind of just the nobility. Most of the problems on Lut were caused by the nobility having control of the winged humanoids and also control of most of the farmers via shady deals, serfdom and other related methods. These Methods are different for each part of Lut. One day I will get to them. ONE DAY

Recently, the six witches have risen to power and taken over much of Lut, unifying it so it can withstand the attacks on it from Aaia and others. After the deaths of Gala, Luxe and Scula, the other three decided to attempt to go to Aaia and make allies. There they met the Tsar, who was more than willing to become their ally. He, too, was new to power, and because of this they are so close.


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