If you are confused, this country used to be called Perland. Any references to Perland are references to this country, Phembria. Name provided by Beatrice, namer of names.

Phembria is essentially like an equivalent of that generic, medieval Europe you seem to get in generic, medieval fantasy. Villages, castles, lords, knights, etc. There is a reason you will be leaving this place in the first session.
Phembria is currently in a pre-Renaissance state, and has been for a while. Cultural and technological progress has grown stagnant over the last few hundred years. It is said that this curse may be divine in nature, despite the fact that Phembrians feel themselves to be blessed by the gods.
Phembria is actually a union of several smaller nations, allied in their worship of the core gods, especially their patron Goddess, Aaia and united against the Orc Kingdom, Jarek. While there used to be much more fighting among the separate countries, including the occasional war, they have now banded together so as not to be destroyed by Jarek. They are governed by the six kings of the different countries, the six Archpriests of the religious orders, and several high priests of the other major gods. The nobility is heavily linked in with the priesthood, which has great power as well. Priests and priestesses of Aaia are non-celibate, which will also be mentioned in later articles, so they can have children, who often join the upper class. Clerics of the other mainly worshiped deities often are high in power as well, though they will be explained in their own articles. There were once seven holy cities of Aaia in Phembria, and each of them was the capital of a kingdom. However, one has been captured by the Orcs, desecrated, and is now the capital of Jarek.
The populace of Phembria is generally ignorant to the truths about the world. As you are heroes, you know much more, but are still blind to many of the aspects of your country, gods, and lives.
Phembria is bordered to the WEST by the Orc Kingdom, Jarek, which conquered a large portion of Phembria and is currently expanding. It is bordered to the SOUTH by the city-state of Azerllia, and the formidable, impassible Dragon-Ridge Mountains.

The language and adjective of Phembria is not Phembrian, as some may expect, but Phembrine.




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