Shimen is the name for the four countries directly to the south of Uldok that take up the majority of the middle of the continent. Long ago, this was one country, ruled by a single ruler, Emperor Matlal the wise. He had five children, each of whom he adored. However, his most beloved child was killed, and in grief he left the country, and some say the world forever, leaving Shimen to his remaining four children. It’s rumored that the fifth child was killed by the other four in order to gain power.

The Emperor, his children, and most of the upper class of Shimen are Coutals, rainbow feathered serpents. Coutals are known as the cousins of the dragons, and their goddess is also Settelli, who they refer to as Queen of the Coutals. Generally they depict her as one, which isn’t too far from rainbow dragon. The Coutals are known for being generally wise, and possessing magic. While they are certainly flimsier than dragons, their magic makes up for it. Many coutals also worship Elolei, as she is the goddess of snakes.
Next, we shall go into each country in detail. Please refer to this map.

Zhemen, the blue one, is a very swampy, almost inhospitable kingdom. There are, however, some points of civilization in it. While once ruled by King Atl and an elaborate system of bandit clans, it was recently taken over by Anmen.

The yellow one, Anmen is a very religious country, ruled by an intense bureaucracy with the ruler, Chancellor Centehua at the top. They are a very religious folk, and the Chancellor is devoted to Settelli, and also, strangely enough, Aaia, even though the two hate each other in real life. However, she has chosen Aaia as her ultimate master. It is a peaceful country, as Centehua and her bureaucrats rule with an iron fist. Out of all the countries, it is possibly the most xenophobic, and the population is almost all humans and Coutals. However, it is the best to travel through, as there are only a few bandits on the northern border. Centehua is the one that gets along with the Tsar the least, apparently to the point of trying to assassinate him and his court and ruin his wedding. Centehua is apparently also influenced by an unknown Couatl with a phembrine accent. Atl is from here. Now he is a Couatl. Can’t believe none of you got that.

The pink one, Heimen, is your destination. Perhaps the most urban of all the countries, it is lightly ruled by Rajah Zolin. Although he used to style himself a king, Zolin has taken much from the country below him, Navina, and enjoys their culture more than the former culture of his country. It’s rumored that a merger is in the works, as Zolin has been courting Navina’s princess for the last hundred years, and it finally looks like they will be wed. Heimen is a country of the philospophy that people should be able to defend themselves, and certain guilds are allowed to commit crimes as long as they pay taxes to the government. Apparently one of them is the Sanguine Order. Karm and Kebberii apparently live there, and you are wanted for arrest now there. Good job everyone. It was originally Haimen, which is a place name in Chinese but Mel renamed it Heimen because she could not get past how it seems like it would be pronounced.

The last one, the green one, is Laomen. It is ruled by the oldest of the five children, Emperor Azill, and he is considering leaving the country himself and letting his daughter rule. He is said to have some of the wisdom of his father, as well as being the most powerful of the four in magic. His daughter does most of the day-to-day running of the country, leaving Azill alone as he contemplates the future, the problems facing his country, and his childhood.


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