The Eight Planes of Existence

There are eight planes of existence, four being axes and the other four being universes created on these axes. Think of like an x-y plot, only you can visit the x, -x, y, -y sort of lines.
Here is a lurvely diagram, made by yours truly. Planes finalthe gif
It was prettier before it was a gif. Sigh… If you want the full color version, I can send it to you!

The first Axis is that of DRAMA/PHYSICS. This difference controls the natural laws. In planes controlled by PHYSICS (IE: BIOLOGY/PHYSICS, ELDRITCH/PHYSICS OR PHYSICS), the normal, physical laws apply. Everything happens as controlled by the primordials, which are physics made manifest. The planes of DRAMA (BIO/DRAMA, ELD/DRAMA, DRAMA), everything is controlled by narrative and dramatic laws. Any game differences will be described as if we adventure in one of those planes.
The second Axis is that of BIOLOGY/ELDRTICH (I am looking for a more apt word to describe the state of unlife that goes on in the Eldritch plane.). In the Biological planes, the process of birth, death, and creation is controlled by It, the Divine Compact. I am just about to write It’s article so don’t look away! It inserts and removes a soul into every being- the process of birth and death. It is then able to take that soul to its next destination, whether that be a realm of one of the gods, Its own realm, or into a new body for reincarnation. In the worlds controlled by the Eldritch axis, no such process occurs. Souls have to be gotten manually. In worlds like DRAMA and PHYSICS, everyone is pure spirit, possibly linked to a mortal body on another plane.
Now I will describe each combination in turn.

The main universe. The one that this wiki spends most of its time trying to catalog. Where you are from.
A completely separate world, still bound by the biological laws, but at the same time not bound by the laws of physics. Willpower, imagination and personality are more important here than physical attributes, and everybody has a “story” they must act out, whether tragic or uplifting. Recently, six witches tried to free their world from those who do not think it or the people who live there are real. More information on this conflict can be found in God-Witch War. An interesting thing about this world and the eldritch counterpart is that instead of the planets moving around the sun, like the biological worlds, the rest of the universe revolves around the main planet.
The home of the Devils, dark elves, and the ex-god Pallistar. The Devils take up most of the planet, and control the three moons. The Dark elves and Pallistar, their god, take up most of the other half, which is not shown on the map. The stars you see are part of the Binding that protects the Biological planes from it and separates them. They swirl around the main planet in a pentagram shape.
This inhospitable plane is home to many abominations, creatures that defy mortal understanding. Even attempting to go here is almost impossible for mortals, and it is usually lethal. The main traits of the planet is the large tentacle-like creature going through it. It’s said that the red on it is the planet’s blood. The sun, if you can’t tell from my horrible drawing, is an enormous eye. The orbs surrounding the planet are not stars, but smaller things that bind it, as it would not work because the stars do not revolve around the planet like they do in Drama/Eldritch.

A terrifying alternate elemental plane, where everything works as it should, very lawfully. However, some powerful mortals can alter this order using magic, as although Setelli and Melkar are no longer primordials, a vestige of their power remains here, able to be harnessed. The deeper you go into it, the more lawful things get, until eventually people are condensed to their basic building blocks.
The home of the gods. It is mainly a starry, breathable liquid, which changes colors as it swirls around. Within this liquid, the realms of the gods float around. The changing tides can bring two realms closer or farther apart, but their divine magic always stops two from colliding. The gods and their servants have ultimate power in this realm, reshaping it how they wish.
The home of It, the divine compact, and fey creatures. In this realm, everything seems alive, and emotions are heightened in this place as well. Most of it is consumed with the most resplendent, beautiful nature, more alive than anything in any other realm. It holds Its court here, in an enormous grove where any living creature is free to come and go, along with the spirits of the dead given eternal life.
No mortal has ever gone here and returned alive. No god will dare tell the secrets of what’s within.

The Eight Planes of Existence

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