Not So Winter-Break DnD.


We had a break to have a mini-adventure. Ehimay arrived- he’s Mel’s babbu. He is an adorable gunslinger/spellsage with a special relationship with Oppo. He was hired by Chrysal to help her take care of her animals before the wedding. Gertrude and Sebastian arrived, because Gertrude wanted to check out Chrysal’s lovely ponies, and Sebastian figured he’d tag along because he had nothing better to do.
There was one pony currently in the stable, and it was adorable. There were also some doves, ostriches, and probably some rabbits and a pig or a cow or something. As Ehimay brushed the adorable pony, Scula and Monroe randomly arrived. The animals were very scared of Scula. She went to look at the pony, which was terrified of her. Scula attempted to calm down the pony with magic, but only made the situation worse. Meanwhile, Monroe had a nosebleed, which multiple people mistook for an aneurysm.
The pony began to grow terrifyingly, and even Mel’s attempts to handle the animal did not work. Suddenly, Scula decided to look at the ostriches, which were also afraid of her. The pony almost bit Ehimay. Scula accidentally killed both of the ostriches with lightning, and Ehimay got really pissed at her. Scula left, but not before Monroe became unconscious and she had to drag him out of the room.
Suddenly, the pony finished growing to enormous size, and the ostriches sprung to life, covered in electricity. Ehimay shot the pony, four bullets entering the poor animal as it let out a last feeble neigh. Sebastian shot the ostriches. Gertrude was somewhat useless in such a close space. Rakin was almost killed by lightning bolts. Chrysal arrived and was upset at first, then upset at Scula when she found out what happened. They decided to go confront Scula because of her attitude, mistreatment of Monroe and others, and reckless magic. The cause of these behaviors is currently unknown.
Outside of Scula’s room, Monroe was lying down, his sleeve covered in blood. Despite the fact that he was having a nosebleed when he left and kleenex hasn’t been invented yet, they thought that meant he had killed himself. He hadn’t. He told everyone about his problems, and let them see his report on Scula. They decided not to talk to her directly, and get the other gods involved. Monroe insinuated things about Alleiua. The god they chose to contact is Orred. We decided that Gertrude probably had a spell that would do that, as she is a wizard. Everyone was very polite to him. They then ended the session as everyone was getting sleepy.



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