Arianna Alkavov

Daughter of Helorie, Adoptive Niece of the Tsar


Arianna is mostly a fighter, preferring hammers and heavy swords. She wears heavy but well-fitting armor and always carries a spiked shield. She has made all of her own weapons and armor, except for the vorpal sword she found on a quest with von Wolff, Monroe, Mikael and Mitzi. She is an excellent smith, much like her father. She has no magical abilities and cannot use most magical items at all.
Physically she’s built like a heavy weightlifter, and is in excellent health. Her mental stats are average except for her high intelligence. She’s more dexterous than a normal person, but nowhere near being agile. She likes go to camping and swim as well.

Her main fighting styles alternate between using a hammer for confirmed accuracy and some damage, vs using her sword for a higher critical rate but lower damage and accuracy. She would love to learn how to use a tower shield.


Not much is known about Arianna. She arrived at the palace a year or two ago, and Helorie has been trying to be a decent father to her since. She is employed to create weapons and armor but also to do things for the Tsar. She operates as a bodyguard for Esfir when her cousin leaves the palace informally. Personality wise she is kind but shy and reserved. However, she has a bit of a temper. She almost never talks about her past, and has odd scars.
She works with her father often on his stuff. She and Atl currently might probably be dating.

Arianna Alkavov

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