Maëlys Trishar


Maëlys appears to be a half-high elf and a changeling, as evidenced by her pointed ears and mismatched eyes, one of which is sea green and one of which is warm amber. She looks about twenty-five years of age, and stands at five feet six inches in height. Her skin is naturally light but tanned from exposure to the sun. Maëlys’s hair is wavy, black, and falls to her mid-back. She usually bind it back while adventuring or doing hard labor, but leaves it loose the rest of the time. Her features are fine-boned, and her voice seems naturally soothing.

Something unknown except by a select handful is that Maëlys is actually a brass dragon, and her real name is Trisvet. She avoids transforming whenever she doesn’t have to, or using her dragon name, because she is afraid that her father will hear about it and manage to track her down, although she’s managed to stay hidden from him for about two and a half years now. In her dragon form Maëlys is a smallish dragon with shining brass-colored scales, capable of carrying four average-sized humanoids, although not for too far. Despite the appearance of her humanoid form, Maëlys is 52 years old, just past the threshold of dragon adulthood.


A brass dragon, Maëlys came from the desert of the Dragonlands, where her ancestral home is, although a good part of her family generally resides in Azerillia, where the family merchant business flourishes, one of the most profitable in Phembria. Maëlys does not like to talk about her past, and thus it was only recently that her partymates- Even Sebastian, who she has been adventuring with for two and a half years- even discovered that she was really a dragon.

Maëlys has two parents, two grandparents, a sister and a brother back in Phembria. She is on bad terms with her grandparents and father, but good terms with the rest of her family. Maëlys was given the hatchling name Caliche when she hatched. She and her siblings spent their first twenty years of life with their mother in their ancestral home in the desert, then the next twenty years in Azerillia with their father, where certain incidents kindled a great hatred in Maëlys for her father. From age forty to age fifty, the young dragons lived with their paternal grandparents in the desert, and Maëlys grew to hate them too. As soon as she reached the age of fifty and adulthood, gaining the adult name of Trisvet, she left home, refusing to take over as her father’s heir. To keep him from following her, she transformed into her humanoid shape, changed her name, and started on her adventures. Sebastian encountered Maëlys in the deserts of the Dragonlands, fighting a large number of enemies and on the verge of losing. He aided her, and the two of them ended up adventuring together for a couple of years before being summoned by the king of Atil and forced to go off on a quest…

Maëlys’s main skills are her diplomacy and her knowledge of anything and everything. In combat, she acts mostly as a healer and interrogator of prisoners/corpses, and is the party’s mother figure, main voice, and connection to the gods. Maëlys is the responsible one, although since Sebastian shook the opium habit and ended up with an adopted child, he has been responsible as well. She likes animals and children, dislikes injustice, and tends to win debates because of her ridiculous diplomacy skills. People tend to open up and spill their life stories to her and then cry all over her, much to her dismay. She is close friends with Sebastian, Allaeuia, Rakin, and Monroe, she likes Ehimay, tolerates Mike, and dislikes Gertrude. She doesn’t know Von Wolff very well, but thinks that he and Sebastian are good for each other and approves of Sebastian’s being in a serious relationship. Maëlys is the first oracle of the Three Gods of Magic- Setelli, Melkar, and Scula, and has a close relationship with all three. Thus, she is not easily intimidated, and will express her displeasure (albeit diplomatically), even with the most powerful. She is a fierce voice in favor of tolerance of mixed races and those normally looked down upon, and so she vastly prefers Uldok to Atil or to the Dragonlands. However, she does miss the desert. Maëlys likes animals and children, and is currently caring for three black dragon eggs that the party rescued along with some humanoid children from bad conditions.

Maëlys Trishar

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