He is a sexy beast who is half-human, half-paladin with wings. Yolo.


Mikael is swag. He is half-angel, half-human, and can fly because he has wings. He was born on November 21st, and likes to eat cheese in his spare time. His homies include his party peepz, like Maelys and Gertrude. Except Maleys got rid of his cheese addiction, ugh. What a poopface.


Mikael has a wife and three kids. B’awwwww. His mom died during a battle and he was there. It was depressing. When his party peepz died and were in hell 4evarz, he was sad and wouldn’t talk to anyone for months. But then he got over it n stuff, and now he’s gon’ save them y’all :D #swaq AND NOW HE’S SAVED THEM YAYYY CLAPS FOR MAINLY CAROLINE BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME BUT A LITTLE MIKAEL NOT REALLY OK


Not So Winter-Break DnD. yoloswaggiepants