Tsesarevna Esfir Alkavov

Heiress of Uldok


First before we do anything it’s time for a misusing Russian words lesson lesson.
Tsesarevna: Female heir to throne, or wife of heir.
Tsarevna: Female non-heir to throne, or wife of non-heir.
Tsesarevich: Male heir to throne, or husband of heir.
Tsarevich: Male non-heir to throne, or husband of non-heir.

Of course technically Tsesarevna was never used historically to refer to a female heir to the throne of Russia, and Tsesarevich for the same reason, but they work in a hypothetical sense for me. Also Tsesarevna and Tsarevna maaayyyy have been intended to be used in the same way, but I feel as even if they were the Tsar would use it to refer to his kidd-o.
So Esfir will be the Tsesarevna until her father dies or abdicates the throne, until which point she will be the Tsaritsa. If the Tsar has any other kids, they will be either Tsarevnas or Tsareviches, and their spouses will also be such.
If you can’t remember all these words it’s okay. Just try to make an effort, I am trying to learn them too. Tsarevna and Tsarevich are easy enough to remember, just and an es after the T to make them the heir.

Anyway Esfir is a babeh so she doesn’t have any stats. She does have the following bloodline:
1/2 Winged Person 1/4 Devil 1/8 God 1/8 Human
She has dark hair, violet eyes, paler skin than her father but not as pale as her mother, and golden wings.


You don’t know much about Esfir, except for the fact that The Tsar is her father, Chrysal is her mother, Helorie her (adoptive) uncle and Arianna her (adoptive) cousin. Also Isidora is her (adoptive) auntie, but nobody cares about ISIDORA!
She seems as a normal two year old child from what you’ve seen of her. She loves her cousin Arianna, and she likes to play outside and hit things with her tiny wooden sword. She has minor magical abilities. Her parents are currently attempting to teach her how to fly, a set of lessons that are not fun for her.

Tsesarevna Esfir Alkavov

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